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The Crossfit Experiment – 30 Days to Fitness and Weight Loss – Day 8


Shaved 8 minutes off my time
Lost 6 pounds since last week (-2.45% body fat)
Now 10.78% body fat (goal 6.6%)
Have more physical energy & feel great!
21 days remaining

It’s been one full week since starting Crossfit and the Zone Diet block method, and I have seen some great results already!

After my workout last Wednesday, I was feeling the results…! I took Thursday off as a rest day, then I did modified “Chelsea” workouts as active recovery sessions to prepare for the class I did tonight. The Chelsea workout is made up of the following:

  • 5x Pull-ups
  • 10x Push-ups
  • 15x Squats (with no weight)

The goal is to do the above every minute on the minute for 30 minutes. I varied how many rounds I did during my active recovery session this past week – from 5 rounds (5 minutes) to 15 rounds (15 minutes).

The reason I didn’t do the full 30 minutes was that I was a bit sore from last Wednesday’s class – and it’s best not to push it when starting a new training routine, for can get better results faster if you pace yourself over the first few weeks of a new regimen.

I definitely notice my areas of strength and weakness – due to my strength training and power-lifting background, the weight bearing / body weight exercise portion is not difficult for me, but the endurance portion / my lactic acid threshold is definitely my weak points.

I really enjoy this type of training for it’s gradually increasing my overall conditioning, not just power and strength (the side-effect of standard bodybuilding workouts).

Tonight’s warm-up was the same as last week:

15 minutes dodge ball: if you get hit with a ball, you must complete 10 repetitions of what is written on the ball. Some of the activities included burpees, push ups, sit ups, etc….

Then as a group we completed a workout dubbed “The Four Corners”, it comprised of the following (trying to get your fastest time):

  • 50x Burpees
  • 40x Jump Squats
  • 30x Push-ups
  • 20x Box Jump Burpees

I completed this in 19 minutes flat – a big improvement over last week (while it was a different workout), I shaved over 8 minutes off my time :) And I even donated blood 6 hours earlier!!!!

While last week we had an approximate 300m run after the 20 repetitions, I believe I would have been at least 3 minutes faster if we had completed the run tonight.

By combining my Crossfit training with the Zone Diet block method I have achieved the following physical results:

  • -6 pounds
  • -2.45% body fat

The goal I set out for myself in the last post was to reach 6.6% body fat, I am currently 10.78% with 3 weeks to go. If I can keep these results going, I will definitely reach my goal!

The one major benefit I am finding is that I have more physical energy throughout the day – it’s almost as though I had been drinking coffee (and I’m not a coffee drinker).

I believe the combination of the Crossfit training and Zone Diet block method cleanses the body very well and it allows my body to get the best nutrition possible – I’ve cut out sugars and grains on a regular basis (although this Sunday past I had a piece of cake for my Pop’s birthday – and last night I had one slice of pizza… ;) )

I am truly excited to see my results over the next 21 days as I continue this experiment – my next update will be Wednesday, July 29th – see you then!

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