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Sometimes Smart People Finish Last

Ever hear someone say “They’re just too smart for their own good?” Well, it’s definitely true for some people when it comes to approaching success, or the consideration of the risk of success.

Did you ever analyze a task that had a huge benefit if you were successful and a huge risk if you failed. Even though it could have completely changed your life, which choice did you make? Did you take the risk? Or did you analyze yourself out of taking action?

If you didn’t take the risk, have you ever thought and wondered “what if”…? What if you took the risk? What if you failed? What if you succeeded?

If someone didn’t have the same “smarts” such as knowledge, IQ or reasoning skills that you had, and if they just took the action, would they have made the same choice – and where might they be today?

Do you perhaps know someone who has achieved a great feat, or certain level of success, but you know that they’re not as “smart” as you?

It’s a debate that my friends and I recently had – my opinion has been that what makes you successful is not thinking, analyzing and wondering, it’s facing the fear of not knowing the outcome of your actions, and acting in the face of the fear anyway! Fear will always be apart of life when you are unsure of an outcome that you care a lot about.

How bad would it really be if you tried and failed? Do you know that virtually all great things in our man-made existance have been the result of failures? For example: the light bulb – did you know that Thomas Edison failed over 3,000 times before he found the successful formula. If Thomas Edison had stopped after 2,500 attempts, can you imagine what life would be like without the light bulb? How many inventions were based on the light bulb…think about it….

If you attempted to achieve something a failed, what would you lose that you could not regain? Money? Posessions? Material nothingness (that’s my word of the day ;) )

Now what would you gain if you took action – no matter the risk? How committed would you have to be to do that? What would you have to think, believe and act like to do that? What do you think Thomas Edison thought, believed and acted like?

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team…one of the greatest basketball players of all-time was cut from a basketball team because he wasn’t good enough – can you imagine what would have happened if he gave up after that?

In 1974 Sylvester Stallone was offered many times not to play the role of Rocky – he was even offered over $300,000 at one point…but he refused and said he would not sell his script unless he starred as the lead role. They finally agreed and while filming he made only $6,000 total – and then when the film was released he became an international movie star and made millions! What can you learn from Stallone? Do you have a passion that if you followed could lead you to your dreams?

Now, let’s think for a moment – what if any of the above individuals stopped because of fear, because of failure, or because of the fear of failure? Can you imagine the experiences that the world, and you personally, would have been robbed of if they gave up?

Now let me ask you a question. What gift do you have that you are robbing the world of by not taking consistent action on, or that you gave up on, because of your failure or fear of failure?

Think about that for a moment…let it sink in. What if you were the next Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, Syvester Stallone, or someone equally important to the future of mankind – what if you were…you? And what if you gave the world your gift in spite of the fear or failure you experience?

How would that change your life? How would that change the life of all those around you and the many generations that haven’t been born yet? Remember, you have at least one special gift to offer the world – and it’s up to you to persist and make your gift to the world a reality.

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